Hi! I don't have a big business, I just specialize in building big tables. No advertising, just word of mouth. It would be hard to maintain the quality if I had to keep up with the quantity.

My tables are built in limited supply. I won't say it's a second job either, I love what I'm doing. It's also hard to just "put one together" because I have gathered pieces for years that don't "find their place" until years later. I specialize in the abstract, or as I call it, "building with crooked logs". I love the way a group of limbs, tops, snags, or a stump "flow together" to set off a special table top.

Most of my tables are built with large sunken cypress logs or "sinkers" (logs that were lost in transit by getting waterlogged in early logging days). I do build with other species, but my main concern is "large". I hope you enjoy what you see and if you have any questions, call.

***Here at Big Cypress Tableworks we strive for quality not quantity. My son Adam says that one day when he takes over the business, "We'll be bigger than Wal-Mart". I hope that doesn't happen.***